Tanks & Tankers

ALKARMEL METAL INDUSTRIES is a specialized fabricator of all types of liquid Storage Tanks. Implementing the best of standards, we fabricate storage tanks and tankers of all sizes with a wide range of capacities, such as; firefighting storage tanks as per CDD requirements, Sewage Tankers, MC1 Tankers, High pressure tanks, Underground Tanks, Fuel Tanks, Woqod Tanks, Stainless Steel Tanks, Galvanized Tanks, Cylindrical Tanks, Vertical & Horizontal Tanks, Septic Tanks, and on-Stand Tanks. All of our Storage Tanks are designed as per requirements with all accessories and best of quality

With just above 30 years of experience, We Manufacture all types of certified high quality medium and heavy duty and sizes of , lifting baskets, Concrete Buckets, Pan Skips and Hoppers, Compactor Skips that endure for your site utility.

• Builders skips
• Boat Skips
• Ramp Skips
• Block end Skips
• Stacking Skips
• Eco/Budget skips
• Compactor Skips
• Multi Stack Skips

Open Double Tipping Skips | Open Single Tipping Skip | Open Flat Top Skips Enclosed Single Tip Skips | Open Single Tip Skips | Boat Skips | Enclosed Double Tipping Skips | Mini Skips | Midi Skips Maxi Skips | Self Assembly


Hopper is a large cone-shaped device used for the temporary storage of materials that can be released when required. Hopper walls are insulated to protect the outside environment and personnel from the discarded contents. Most hoppers are made of steel.Hopper specifications include volume capacity, weight capacity, depth or length, width or diameter, height, and materials of construction.

There are many different types of hoppers:

  1. Dumpers
  2. Tippers
  3. Bottom hoppers
  4. Cropper hoppers
  5. Dump boxes
  6. Scrap boxes
  7. Sludge hoppers
Cubic yard hopper

A bucket also called a scoop. We expertise in the manufacturing of these scoops which are conveniently used in construction sites. Buckets exist in a variety of sizes or shapes.

The different types of buckets are:

  1. Digging bucket
  2. Rock Bucket
  3. V Bucket
  4. Clean up Bucket
  5. Crusher Bucket


Lifting baskets are designed to Lift & Transport Components provide an ideal solution for lifting and transporting components on the job site or manufacturing facility.Alkarmel

Metals provide you the better quality of the baskets as we have our own manufacturing where we prioritize the quality.

The different types of lifting baskets we manufacture are:

  1. Material Crane Baskets
  2. Man Baskets & Personnel Baskets
  3. Skip pans