We do fabricate each and every size and design of formwork shuttering moulds, circular or curved Design: Designed that involves civil engineers experience with minimum number of elements for easiest assembling/dismantling guaranteed. Simplified installation and de-shuttering with ease which in turns speed up the pace of work.

♦ Handling: We design our formwork to be as light as possible for easy handling with our easy stripping design consideration.

♦ Rigidity: sufficient to retain the shape and to withstand all types of dead and live loads. We guarantee the strength of our fabricated moulds, providing durability that lasts long and reusability.

♦ Joints: tight against leakage with our HD clamps to ensure safe pouring.

♦ Suitable for reuse, thanks for high endurance material.

♦ Accuracy: to your desired line and level providing fine surfaces that requires no further treatment.

♦ Precast Yards: We fabricate casting Tilting and vibrating platforms, Machining, Flanging,