Since the establishment, we have been attempting to simplify metal works to become almost the optimum in-house for all sectors. Our success was always driven by our passion to provide the best and to distribute this success to all of our partners and clients. Our success was never driven by profit aims, our achievements neither are measured by quantitative accounting measures, our quality is not only tested through QA/QC procedures. Our Continual development and timeline expansion is all about loyalty of clients, risks we dive in, and the integration of stakeholders.

                                                                                               –  Eng. Ahmed Al-Massri

ALKARMEL METAL INDUSTRIES was established in 1996. Starting as a small metal fabrication workshop, and expanding to become one of the most professional metal fabricators in Qatar. With our status factory property, we could not only expand in size but also in the diversity and variety of products and further in clients. We reached out for more than 240 esteemed clients, and 45 prestigious international and public sector establishments is our pride. In 2005, keeping up with the increasing market demand our expansion into wider range of products to include consumables of the construction and industrial fields came out with our specialized production lines. Yet, we have successfully handed over 190 projects and over 1,200 different types of products.

• We are committed to provide the market with all sorts of metal fabrication necessities.

• We are to play vital role in national development hand in hand with private and public sectors towards Qatar vision 2030, and beyond.

• We are taking into our considerations the implementation of latest updates of international organization standards as well as the latest of national standards in terms of quality, performance, health, and safety.

• We continually; develop our processes, upgrade our machines, improve technologies utilized, train and educate our stakeholders, elevate our experience, extend our capability, improve our resources, lean cost, diverse our products, to ensure the quality of our products and to enhance the quality of our customer relations. We believe in diligently going the extra mile.

• To bring about the peace of mind when it comes to metal works.

• To make metal works the nationwide affordable effortless part of every project at all Sector.

Our Machinery Capability enables our range of production to be widened from light accessories to heavy duty tankers production. We are capable to deliver the best of quality when it comes to our adequate experience in our specialty to fabricate all sorts of tankers. For our quality to be enhanced:

• We co-operate with governmental and international bodies as well as third party organizations and institutes;

• We undertake continual searching and development over our production processes, quality assurance methods, managerial approaches, environmental friendly compliance, and customer satisfaction.

• We are International Standard Organization Certified and we maintain the validity of our ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

• We insure legitimate authority to quality auditing over our production.

• We purchase and utilize only certified metals when it comes to procurement and importing.

• We do provide testing reports and certificates when required.

• We periodically conduct calibration and maintenance for our machines

• We train and certify our manpower.

At ALKARMEL, we are committed to professionalism; therefore, and in compliance with our policy of quality, all manufacturing processes at our workshops are produced utilizing the best of up-to-date machinery. The capability of our machines along with our specialized operators enables us to undertake enormous projects for prestigious clients achieving definite satisfaction of end users. Engaging with cooperation with international institutes, we work on continuously develop our processes to the proven successful updates. For accuracy to be clinched, we utilize the frequent sessions of ultimate precise measuring approach.

From our facilities and machines to engineers and fabricators are all dedicated to provide you with the best of services. Our workers are best practice trained and certified for putting the utmost effort to work with the highest of accuracy in order to ensure the delivery of work on time with Zero Rework/Zero defect Monitoring System deploying our experience into your product.